"I love to move, yet I have had to be quite careful with my body over the years. Suffering from an old back injury has meant my choice in styles of movement and most specifically in teachers has had to be discerning to say the least. I love to dance and move in ways that make me feel good emotionally, stable and strong. I have never been attracted to pilates or anything along those lines, yet experiencing Body Intelligence opened up a whole new world for me. I discovered subtle yet deeply potent ways of encouraging much more balance, internal strength and coordination in my body. The effects have been obvious and positive within my day to day life as well as in dancing and other forms of movement. I feel that Meret has created a system that can benefit everyone, no matter what their limitation or needs are. Thank you!"
- Kheyrne Danu


"Meret’s Body Intelligence Classes are not only intelligent and based on strong principles, they are fun and applicable to life.  She is a master teacher!"
- Kathy Wolstenholme


"I feel very fortunate to have discovered Meret's classes, which have given me new found confidence in the capabilities and mobility of my body. As someone who has experienced chronic lower back pain for many years, I struggled to find a practice that suited me. Today this class is my only prescription. I was initially impressed at how effortlessly she incorporated a newcomer into a class of people at differing stages of body awareness and mobility. The combination of physical and neural exercises she draws from, have helped lift some of the limiting beliefs I held about my body's functionality. She is very skilled at correcting posture to guide the body through challenging poses as well as providing alternatives for those with localized pain. Ultimately I feel I am learning from someone walking their path with clarity and grace, picking up pieces of the inner puzzle as it unravels."
- Olly Barnett


"I spend long hours at my desk, regularly carry 25kg of child around and have various old injuries (including a tear in one of my discs) from my life before I started attending Body Intelligence classes with Meret.  As a teacher, Meret's scientific knowledge of how the body works is extensive and her ability to share it is highly accessible. She holds a graceful presence in her classes, with intuitive attention to each individual. In my opinion more interesting than Pilates and more comprehending of a western lifestyle body's needs than yoga - her weekly classes keep me together, and beyond that are teaching me how to hold myself together."
- Jolene Cartmill


"Meret's Body Intelligence classes have been both physically and spiritually rewarding. In addition to working my core strength, I've become aware of the impact of my body's alignment on my overall perception of self. The exercises have worked and toned my body, but have also energized my spirit. It's been about careful attention to positioning and alignment, making me truly see and feel my physicality in a very real and deeply spiritual sense."
- Annwyn Coates


"Meret's classes offer gentle stretching and strengthening of the entire body. She works from an extensive knowledge base that she is continuously expanding on. Every single class is well prepared and varied and offered in a beautiful, professional studio space. There is always a light atmosphere with respect and love for the body."
- Leán Bakker


"After one of Meret's classes, I feel centered, back in my body and energized in a calm, present sort of way. I love them! Thank you Meret!"
- Claire Lacey


"I always look forward to Meret's class: I can arrive feeling scattered but when I leave I feel centered, physically aligned, calm, and ready for my week. Meret's classes are small so she can focus on each participant, gently correcting alignment in each movement we do, and this careful attention helps me feel safely held in class. After a year of classes my body has become strong, and I am so much more aware of how I carry myself. 

What I also love about Meret is that she always seems to be learning new skills, and incorporates them into her classes. She has a calm way about her, there is no pressure to do things you feel you can't, and she inspires confidence."
- Jeanne Viall


I have benefitted so much by going to Meret’s Body Intelligence classes! I have had lower back problems that I have struggled with for most of my life: when I am attending class weekly, I do not struggle with any pain. I can only put this down to the Meret’s amazing ability to work with the body so that it is getting strengthened but never pushed too far. I walk out of class with a clear mind and a stronger body. I can’t recommend it enough!”
- Candice Gie


"Your integrity in holding the space is impeccable. The way you observe and correct is precise, professional and always spot on. I admire your deep knowledge of the body and the fact that you give an alternative exercise if the one you gave before doesn't work. 

The Body Intelligence classes help me to access the open space within me. This space is beautiful and I nurture it with breath. 

Exercises challenge me and help to achieve balance. This inner balance helps me to bring outward circumstances into balance. The practice helps me to navigate through very difficult times. I may be falling apart but I come to class, I find inner equilibrium and wholeness and I have clarity and power to deal with challenges. 

Thank you, darling Meret, for the light that you are, that you bring.

With deep gratitude, love and appreciation."
- Vlada Meyer


" Meret's Body Intelligence class is precious time very well spent in a busy life. A wonderful mixture of complete focus, challenges for the mind and body, stress release, essential and important core strength exercises plus amazing individual attention if things get a bit difficult, and finally the best bit - a deep relaxation for the mind and body to unwind, which is a truly beautiful end to a beautiful class. Meret's calm, positive and humorous approach to life lifts everybody and creates a lovely atmosphere where we strive to better ourselves and enjoy the journey! "
- Lindy Peacock


"I started Meret's classes with back pain from a herniated disc and low mobility in that area. My strength and mobility are continually improving and I'm now mostly pain free. However, coming to Meret's class is so much more than physical exercise for me.  After the class I feel more integrated, grounded and aware. I can feel the increased and unhindered energy flow in my body. I love the classes - thank you"
- Megan Clinton


"Meret enabled me to get my life back after years of struggling with pain. I wouldn't go anywhere else or trust anyone else with my body. She is one in a billion. You won't be sorry! "
- Natasha Cowley


"Body Intelligence with Meret is helping me to re-programme both my body and mind to help me regain a sense of confidence and trust in my movements throughout daily life. It is a dance... A fluid and synchronistic movement of muscles and joints that leaves you grounded, aligned and feeling strong. Meret offers individual and personalized attention to each member in the class and encourages absolute body awareness. I look forward to each and every lesson with Meret and am grateful to have found this special teacher, class and studio."
- Hayley Solomon


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