Meret Storck-Matchett

A certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer with 20 years experience in yoga, Meret has worked closely with physiotherapists and chiropractors to develop Body Intelligence®, which she has been teaching for ten years. Applying research in the field of joint stabilization techniques and based on her ongoing studies in exercise science, kinesiology and anatomy, she has created her own movement form, which never stops evolving.

Born and educated in Zurich, Switzerland, Meret trained as a professional ballet dancer until a persistent injury ended her career aspirations. Travelling through Europe while working in the fashion industry introduced her to the numerous benefits of a regular yoga practice.

With this experience and her own history of injuries, Meret studied to become a Personal Fitness Trainer, eventually working in Switzerland and the UK before finding a home in South Africa in 2005. Also qualified as a Pilates mat, Reformer and one-on-one instructor, Meret has considerable experience working with special needs students such as people with past injuries, post surgery, pregnant women and the elderly.

Meret works with students to help them correct muscular imbalances, improve bad postural habits and manage pain. Working with small groups, Meret offers personal attention to each individual to ensure a rewarding experience, training the mind-body connection. She runs the Body Intelligence studio with great passion and Swiss precision.

Education and skills

Professional ballet education (SBBS Switzerland)
Nia white belt (Kathy Wolstenholme, South Africa)
Movement medicine intensive (Caroline Carey, South Africa)

Personal fitness trainer (ETA, South Africa)
Performance matrix (Mark Commerford, South Africa)

Pilates mat group instructor (SAFS, Switzerland)
Pilates one-on-one instructor including pregnant & elderly population (Michael King, UK)
Pilates small equipment (mind, body & spirit, Switzerland)

Functional anatomy; one year theoretical & practical course (Jacqui Koop, South Africa)
Anatomy trains (Tom Meyrs, South Africa)
C-spine, jaw & eyes (Nell & Fabre, South Africa)
Shoulder stabilization & rehabilitation (of course-online, South Africa)
Knee stability WOW factor (of course-online, South Africa)
The sleeping bum – solved! (of course-online, South Africa)

Touch for Health
Emotional Kinesiology
Educational Kinesiology
Neuro Integration Movements
Brain Gym 101
Optimal Brain Organization

Healing Modalities
Matrix worx (Anna Hagen, South Africa)
PATH method (participatory awareness for transformational healing) modules 1-3 (Raoul Goldberg, South Africa)
Movement medicine intensive (Caroline Carey, South Africa)


Supine Meret Symetrical
4 Point Meret
Chimes Meret